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The mission of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) is to conduct academically driven, clinical-translational cancer research at the highest international level.

The goal of the NCT is to significantly improve the treatment outcomes and quality of life of cancer patients. This goal is to be achieved by efficiently translating innovative preclinical discoveries and developments into clinical applications. The NCT establishes sustainable structures, bundles existing national potentials and thereby creates synergies that drive the transfer of innovations into patient care, the healthcare system, the economy and society.

By establishing academic research platforms and expanding oncology profiles at each NCT site, the NCT not only generates special expertise, but also reaches patients throughout Germany as a national center with six sites. A special focus is on personalized oncology, the involvement of patients as research partners, the rapid and equal access of patients to clinical trials and innovations in diagnostics and therapy, and the training of future generations of leading clinical cancer researchers.